Taking advantage of the global network of the Toyota Tsusho Group and utilizing systems dedicated to electronic parts and warehouses, we realize and bring about multifunctional and high-quality distribution.(Alternate procurement and also local procurement)


Utilizing sales offices and warehouses where electronic parts are handled, which are mainly located in areas adjacent to overseas production bases of the Toyota Group, we support worldwide exports and on-site distribution on behalf of customers.


As a sales agency of printed-circuit boards (CMK Thailand, Kyoden Thailand), LCD(Varitronix, Shanghai Tianma) and semiconductors (NXP, Rohm, Murata etc.), we supply cost-competitive parts and services equivalent to service in Japan.

We can accept requests of pre-shipment inspections (Current tests of liquid crystal, visual inspections of liquid crystal) and sorting operations (Appearance inspection) from customers.

Logistics support

Our company can undertake complete customers' inventory control on their behalf. Benefits of utilizing our service are as follows:

  • Reduction of customers' warehouse space
  • Customers can confirm accurate quantity of their inventory
  • Notification of undelivered parts by our stationed staff
  • Realization and visualization of both ordered quantity and quantity of inventory
  • Realization and visualization of both ordered quantity and quantity of inventory
  • Reduction of customers' costs for inventory
  • Reduction of man-hours by unifying orders.
Truck yard
Low rack area (MPQ Units)
High rack area(Carton or pallet units)
Bar code label verification
Quality Support

Our engineers dedicated to quality assurance rapidly respond to failures of electronic parts after delivery. (First order analysis, functional inspection, sorting)

Survey analysis