Software Development Business

We, as your partner in the development of control or communication programs and web-applications, provide development and analysis (*1) service with same quality and convenience as software service providers in Japan. 
(*1) Traceability of specifications and source codes, analysis and quality assurance of software.

Regarding order from Japan as an offshore service, we provide verbal and oral communication in Japanese. At the same time, we are able to station our staff at in your location, or we can appoint Japanese engineers from NEXTY Electronics as bridge engineers. This is in order to avoid troubles such as miscommunication and misinterpretation of specifications that tend to occur in offshore development projects or in order to facilitate smooth progress

Development of Japanese-speaking staff

In order to facilitate development projects with Japanese customers, we have a section that is dedicated to Japanese language education. There, we train our staff by utilizing materials that we have developed with a focus on technical terminology, and by setting up an in-house examination that is equivalent to JLPT (N2). Currently, our software engineers can work on a project that uses Japanese language. We will continue language education in this way so that in the future, all of our software engineers can work on a project that uses Japanese